Making Wine

Hello All! I have started a new endeavor. I am now a burgeoning wine maker! My love of wine started when I was pretty young because my dad is also a wine lover. I have also worked at Olive Garden and learned a bit about wine there and am currently working in a place with a pretty extensive wine cellar and am learing as much as I can. Unfortunately when you begin making wine it’s slightly expensive. I have been gathering books on wine and winemaking and also all the equipment I need. I also ordered my first grape vines. They will be here tomorrow! I’m so excited!

I currently have six batches in the works. A strawberry wine that is in secondary fermentation and both watermelon and cherry that are in primary firmintation. Two batches of Mead and a raspberry wine.

If you can find it in your heart to help me out just follow THIS LINK!

Sparkle on!