Making Wine

Hello All! I have started a new endeavor. I am now a burgeoning wine maker! My love of wine started when I was pretty young because my dad is also a wine lover. I have also worked at Olive Garden and learned a bit about wine there and am currently working in a place with a pretty extensive wine cellar and am learing as much as I can. Unfortunately when you begin making wine it’s slightly expensive. I have been gathering books on wine and winemaking and also all the equipment I need. I also ordered my first grape vines. They will be here tomorrow! I’m so excited!

I currently have six batches in the works. A strawberry wine that is in secondary fermentation and both watermelon and cherry that are in primary firmintation. Two batches of Mead and a raspberry wine.

If you can find it in your heart to help me out just follow THIS LINK!

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Morning Workout

So this morning (or mid-morning) I got back into the gym. Yay leg day!

5 min treadmill at 2.5

3×15 @ 50 leg extension machine

3×15 @ 50 leg curl machine

3×15 @ 2 15lb dumbbells romanians

3×15 103 calf raise machine

3×15 @ 50 bench hip thrust

superset – 3×15 @ 50 leg abduction machine & 3×15 @ 50 leg adduction machine

Today’s workout was brought to you (and me) by a few different things. I am not affiliated with or getting any money from any of these places. I just like them.

  1. The #bootyqueen and her husband were on #SharkTank last night selling their apparel line. They are both in really good shape and I would sooooo love to have that woman’s hinny. @stvekuclo and @amandalatona (Instagram handles) are selling a line of workout apparel on their Booty Queen website and right now they’re even running a special for their Shark Tank appearance. Check it out!

  2. My guys at @downey_neutrition and @rosemead_neutrition GNC stores in the greater LA Metro area hooked me up with all the goods to keep me going. Got that Carnivor beef protein with one scoop at 23g of protein and its also great because I have weird reactions to soy. Some ISO 9:2:2, Censor, ProDHA 1000 in the strawberry flavor (look this stuff up! It’s fish oil but you don’t taste fish!), some allergy medicine, Cranberry for female health, and some Hair, Skin, and Nails for the girly girl somewhere deep inside me.

















3. The fact that I was just sick of being chubby again today….

Good luck with your goals people. I know sometimes its start and stop but if you keep going at least you didn’t quit.

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So I’m the Freaking Worst

Hi! So I disappeared for 2 weeks. Yay me! What has happened in the last two weeks. I quit one job, went to Alaska, totally f-ed up my diet, visited my home town, got a new job, worked my other job, and came back to my home town. Also, I am back on the diet train as of today. I’ll be honest I went up to 214 lbs. while I was messing around and not on track. Monday morning I weighed in at 209 lbs.. Hopefully I can get myself back on track and under control.

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Epic Cheat Day #1

So like I told you all I’m a little late on posting this. There was a little difficulty getting pictures from phone to computer but here are my lovely cheat meals form cheat day 1. I didn’t wake up til 11 ish so they start at noon.

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich with fries and a Jr. Frosty

LaMar’s Doughnuts 

These are the ones I selected for myself. I didn’t end up eating all three though.

Sushi from Hiro 88

Float Center

So yesterday I went to try something new. I went to the Float Center in West Omaha to go for my first float. I know what you’re thinking. You’ve never had a float before! Well here’s where it gets different. This is not a float as in ice cream float. This is a float as in “float around in some really high density salt water for an hour and half” float.

This is a new to me way of relaxing and healing your body. It is recommended by it’s participants for everything from minor aches to chronic pain to PTSD. I’ve had back issues and migraines for a couple years now so when I saw it on TV I thought to myself, why not give it a try.

So there are two kinds of float contraptions. One is the pod or tank which you see in the featured image and the other is a cabin. It is a space where you float in highly salt dense water to take the pressure off of the body and clear the mind. If you meditate or need a good place to just get inside your head and think this is the place for you.

My float experience was pretty cool. You get to the place and check in with they very nice front desk lady. Then she takes you back and explains the float and how it works and shows you towels and a spray bottle of normal water in case you get slat in your eyes and then leaves you to your own devices. The front part of the building was a good room temperature but when you went back to the part with the rooms for floating it was a whole different ballgame. I have no idea what temperature they kept it at exactly but suffice it to say it was overly warm. This would prove to be beneficial later as floating can be done in a swim suit or in the nude.


So before you get into the pod they recommend that you rinse off in the shower that is there for you in the room. Then you jump into the pod, close the lid and figure out how to get comfy. This is no small task as most of us aren’t used to just letting ourselves float suspended by only water. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be though. There were two different floaties of different sizes to chose for head support or you could float without. Once I got comfortable my mind started to wander. It went to all kinds of different places and over problems and questions. Kind of like when you’re trying to go to sleep and it’s just not happening. When I realized I wasn’t using this time to properly relax I started to attempt meditation. Now I’ll be honest the only thing I know about meditation is that you focus on your breath and try to let your body totally relax….

Next thing I knew I had woken up and had no idea where I was so I kind of jerked awake and ended up getting a bunch of salt water up my nose. 0 of 10 do not recommend the whole salt up the nose experience. I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep and how long I had left but it was time to get out and shower because this saltines just wasn’t cutting it. Luckily the pod told me that my time was up and that I needed to get out about 5 minutes later. Yay! I didn’t miss much. But, whoa where did the time go?!?!

Overall it was a great experience. If you ever get a chance I would give it a try. I’d like to say thank you to the great front desk lady(sorry I can’t remember your name) because she was really great as well. 9/10 would recommend the whole experience but be careful if you fall asleep and don’t jerk up too fast.

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4HB First Check-In

So everything I’ve read for a 5’6″ female says that I should weigh around 130 to 145 pounds. That seems awfully small to me so I think I’ll set my first goal at 180 and go from there. This is not a real easy thing to just put on the internet but I think that maybe it will help me be accountable for what I’m trying to do. Bod Pod is running me around $40 to do so I will only post that once every two months or so but the rest of these measurements will be posted on Mondays. The best thing to do is just remember that I love my body and that this is an experiment to see what I can do with it. Sorry this one was late. Bod Pod took a little more research than originally planned.

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BodPod: There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with the BodPod but I’ll give two of the measurements. Weight 206 and Body Fat % 46.1%. It also gave me my RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate. This is the rate at which my body would burn calories if I just sat on the couch all day. It was 1489 kcal/day

Weight and Body Fat % According to Fitbit Aria Scale: 207.6 and 43.5%

Stomach: 42 3/4 in.

Hips: 49 in.

R Thigh: 24 1/4 in.

L Thigh: 24 1/2 in.

R Bicep: 13 in. at rest 14 1/4 in. flexed

L Bicep: 13 in. at rest and 14 3/8 in. flexed