Epic Cheat Day #1

So like I told you all I’m a little late on posting this. There was a little difficulty getting pictures from phone to computer but here are my lovely cheat meals form cheat day 1. I didn’t wake up til 11 ish so they start at noon.

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich with fries and a Jr. Frosty

LaMar’s Doughnuts 

These are the ones I selected for myself. I didn’t end up eating all three though.

Sushi from Hiro 88

The Four Hour Body

So I’ve started reading a book called The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. He’s kind of a focus point of mine right now because I have seen him on a few shows and started listening to his podcast lately and he makes a lot of sense. So this post will be half experiment and half book review.

According to the 4HB there are 5 rules to follow for the diet.

  1. Avoid white carbs
  2. Eat the same meals over and over
  3. Don’t drink calories
  4. Don’t eat fruit
  5. Take one day off per week.

So I’m gonna give it a go. Another thing he says in the book is that if you make it public then you’ll follow through so I’m going to be posting about it. Every Monday I will post measurements in the areas that he has laid out to measure and every Saturday which is my cheat day I will take pictures of all my glorious cheat meals and post them together at the end of the day.

 My first breakfast. 3 egg whites, one whole, egg and some ham.

See you Monday for that first measurement post.

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