Morning Workout

So this morning (or mid-morning) I got back into the gym. Yay leg day!

5 min treadmill at 2.5

3×15 @ 50 leg extension machine

3×15 @ 50 leg curl machine

3×15 @ 2 15lb dumbbells romanians

3×15 103 calf raise machine

3×15 @ 50 bench hip thrust

superset – 3×15 @ 50 leg abduction machine & 3×15 @ 50 leg adduction machine

Today’s workout was brought to you (and me) by a few different things. I am not affiliated with or getting any money from any of these places. I just like them.

  1. The #bootyqueen and her husband were on #SharkTank last night selling their apparel line. They are both in really good shape and I would sooooo love to have that woman’s hinny. @stvekuclo and @amandalatona (Instagram handles) are selling a line of workout apparel on their Booty Queen website and right now they’re even running a special for their Shark Tank appearance. Check it out!

  2. My guys at @downey_neutrition and @rosemead_neutrition GNC stores in the greater LA Metro area hooked me up with all the goods to keep me going. Got that Carnivor beef protein with one scoop at 23g of protein and its also great because I have weird reactions to soy. Some ISO 9:2:2, Censor, ProDHA 1000 in the strawberry flavor (look this stuff up! It’s fish oil but you don’t taste fish!), some allergy medicine, Cranberry for female health, and some Hair, Skin, and Nails for the girly girl somewhere deep inside me.

















3. The fact that I was just sick of being chubby again today….

Good luck with your goals people. I know sometimes its start and stop but if you keep going at least you didn’t quit.

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4HB First Check-In

So everything I’ve read for a 5’6″ female says that I should weigh around 130 to 145 pounds. That seems awfully small to me so I think I’ll set my first goal at 180 and go from there. This is not a real easy thing to just put on the internet but I think that maybe it will help me be accountable for what I’m trying to do. Bod Pod is running me around $40 to do so I will only post that once every two months or so but the rest of these measurements will be posted on Mondays. The best thing to do is just remember that I love my body and that this is an experiment to see what I can do with it. Sorry this one was late. Bod Pod took a little more research than originally planned.

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BodPod: There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with the BodPod but I’ll give two of the measurements. Weight 206 and Body Fat % 46.1%. It also gave me my RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate. This is the rate at which my body would burn calories if I just sat on the couch all day. It was 1489 kcal/day

Weight and Body Fat % According to Fitbit Aria Scale: 207.6 and 43.5%

Stomach: 42 3/4 in.

Hips: 49 in.

R Thigh: 24 1/4 in.

L Thigh: 24 1/2 in.

R Bicep: 13 in. at rest 14 1/4 in. flexed

L Bicep: 13 in. at rest and 14 3/8 in. flexed

The Four Hour Body

So I’ve started reading a book called The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. He’s kind of a focus point of mine right now because I have seen him on a few shows and started listening to his podcast lately and he makes a lot of sense. So this post will be half experiment and half book review.

According to the 4HB there are 5 rules to follow for the diet.

  1. Avoid white carbs
  2. Eat the same meals over and over
  3. Don’t drink calories
  4. Don’t eat fruit
  5. Take one day off per week.

So I’m gonna give it a go. Another thing he says in the book is that if you make it public then you’ll follow through so I’m going to be posting about it. Every Monday I will post measurements in the areas that he has laid out to measure and every Saturday which is my cheat day I will take pictures of all my glorious cheat meals and post them together at the end of the day.

 My first breakfast. 3 egg whites, one whole, egg and some ham.

See you Monday for that first measurement post.

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Creative Live

So remember in that first post that I posted a few seconds ago how I said one of my goals was to share cool stuff on here. Well…here’s the first one.

It’s a site called Creative Live. I stole their description straight from the website because who can tell you about the company better than the company itself.

CreativeLive empowers you to unleash your potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to you, live. Featuring workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, crafting, and software training, CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors by making dynamic education accessible to everyone.

Anyone can watch our live online workshops — for free — and interact with instructors in real time. The future of education is interactive, free, and live now. Join us.

I first heard about this site from listening to the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast. And I started listening to the podcast from seeing Tim Ferriss on the Jimmy Falon show. He was promoting his new book Tools of Titans. I’m currently working on reading some of his books so hopefully I’ll get to smash another blog goal soon and post a review for you. Anyway, I could talk a lot more about it but you should probably just check it out for yourselves. I have a special link for you below.

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You’re going to love CreativeLive!
Use my link and we’ll both get $15 to use towards our next class at CreativeLive!