Morning Workout

So this morning (or mid-morning) I got back into the gym. Yay leg day!

5 min treadmill at 2.5

3×15 @ 50 leg extension machine

3×15 @ 50 leg curl machine

3×15 @ 2 15lb dumbbells romanians

3×15 103 calf raise machine

3×15 @ 50 bench hip thrust

superset – 3×15 @ 50 leg abduction machine & 3×15 @ 50 leg adduction machine

Today’s workout was brought to you (and me) by a few different things. I am not affiliated with or getting any money from any of these places. I just like them.

  1. The #bootyqueen and her husband were on #SharkTank last night selling their apparel line. They are both in really good shape and I would sooooo love to have that woman’s hinny. @stvekuclo and @amandalatona (Instagram handles) are selling a line of workout apparel on their Booty Queen website and right now they’re even running a special for their Shark Tank appearance. Check it out!

  2. My guys at @downey_neutrition and @rosemead_neutrition GNC stores in the greater LA Metro area hooked me up with all the goods to keep me going. Got that Carnivor beef protein with one scoop at 23g of protein and its also great because I have weird reactions to soy. Some ISO 9:2:2, Censor, ProDHA 1000 in the strawberry flavor (look this stuff up! It’s fish oil but you don’t taste fish!), some allergy medicine, Cranberry for female health, and some Hair, Skin, and Nails for the girly girl somewhere deep inside me.

















3. The fact that I was just sick of being chubby again today….

Good luck with your goals people. I know sometimes its start and stop but if you keep going at least you didn’t quit.

Sparkle on!

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