4HB First Check-In

So everything I’ve read for a 5’6″ female says that I should weigh around 130 to 145 pounds. That seems awfully small to me so I think I’ll set my first goal at 180 and go from there. This is not a real easy thing to just put on the internet but I think that maybe it will help me be accountable for what I’m trying to do. Bod Pod is running me around $40 to do so I will only post that once every two months or so but the rest of these measurements will be posted on Mondays. The best thing to do is just remember that I love my body and that this is an experiment to see what I can do with it. Sorry this one was late. Bod Pod took a little more research than originally planned.

Sparkle on!

BodPod: There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with the BodPod but I’ll give two of the measurements. Weight 206 and Body Fat % 46.1%. It also gave me my RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate. This is the rate at which my body would burn calories if I just sat on the couch all day. It was 1489 kcal/day

Weight and Body Fat % According to Fitbit Aria Scale: 207.6 and 43.5%

Stomach: 42 3/4 in.

Hips: 49 in.

R Thigh: 24 1/4 in.

L Thigh: 24 1/2 in.

R Bicep: 13 in. at rest 14 1/4 in. flexed

L Bicep: 13 in. at rest and 14 3/8 in. flexed

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